Blissful Latex Foam Mattress

Our new Blissful 11” latex mattress is an environmentally friendly choice that offers you superior pressure relief for a more restful sleep pattern. The new triangle quilted cover is luxuriously soft. Our Eco-Friendly Latex is made from the milk sap of the rubber tree and is also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant. Soft, genuine, hypoallergenic Latex provides a comfortable sleeping surface with contouring support and pressure relief. High performance support base offers extraordinary comfort and unparalleled orthopedic support. This base is a higher grade (anti-microbial) version of polyurethane foam. Also, the extra strong support base will ensure that the bed never sags or flattens out. Handcrafted by the Pennsylvania Amish, our foundations offer better support than a traditional box spring.


• 11” profile
• Soft triangle quilted cover
• Premium latex foam layer
• Orthopedic support base for added durability
• High performance support base


• Helps relieve pressure and reduce back pain
• Natural and sustainable eco-friendly materials
• Aids in increasing circulation which can provide a deeper sleep